A mysterious encounter

Unexpected company

Imagine you sit down at the seaside. You drink your coffee, look out to the sea, listen to the gentle sound of the water, take down some words from time to time… And suddenly you notice a black, somewhat mysterious figure in the corner of your eye. Starting from your left, it moves over to your right. All of a sudden it sits down. “It“ is a young man, maybe 23 years old. He is dressed in black, a hood covering half of his face. The man in black sits down right next to you. You can smell the sweet odor of marijuana. Taking a first quick clandestine look, you see him smoking an ominous joint while watching the sea. It seems like he’s not paying any attention to you. Time for you to go back to your writing…

… But that’s not an option anymore. You feel your heartbeat going faster… It’s getting harder to concentrate. You try to calm down – what could possibly happen? Instantly your imagination sets in. “He’s on drugs. He’s not in control. Maybe he grabs my laptop and runs off. Or he just throws it into the sea… Or what if he throws ME into the sea?! It must be freezing in there!! The dark grey mysterious sea…“.

I wake up from my daydreams. Immediately I put on my brave face and dare a second glance. He looks right into my eyes. I see warm, brown eyes with infinitesimal pupils. We look at each other for a moment which felt like an eternity. He looks away. I keep on staring at him. Then I look away. What shall I do?

Weird conversation

I look back at him, decided to take the risk: “Can I help you?“, I ask, taking a chance on the possibility that he might speak English (which is not self-evident in Greece). He is obviously not only surprised that I talk to him, but also that I talk to him in English! Thus it takes a minute until he replies (or maybe that’s because he is high as hell) “What do you write?“. Is this going to be a conversation? I say that I am writing for a blog. He mumbles something I can’t really understand, so I say: “I am just starting a blog.“. Again he says something I can’t understand, so I ask him to repeat it. “So you study life?“, he asks. I smile and think “Kind of.“.

What a weird conversation.

Strangers at sea.


I start to feel uncomfortable. While he stands up in slow-motion, I pack my laptop into my backpack and hold it tight. Just in case. The strange guy in black now stands somewhere behind me. He takes a few directionless steps to my left, then walks off to my right. A few steps away from me he stops. I look into the distance as if I was lost in my thoughts, but I still observe him from the corner of my eye. Safe is safe.
I’m thinking. If I just took my bag and ran away, would he be able to follow? I count the odds and decide that considering the level of his highness I could win this race. Thus I put on my backpack and make a move as if I was leaving…

Left wondering

Until I notice that he turns around and walks away from me. I sit back down and relax a bit as I watch him sit down very close to someone else maybe 20 meters away from me. He leaves me wondering…

What on earth did just happen? Was there really a need for panicking? Did my mind just exaggerate or did I sense some real danger, which I was luckily able to prevent? Was he just a confused guy on drugs or was he about to rob me? However, the funny and at the same time weird thing is that I will never know. Just one more of these forever unresolved mysteries of daily life.

Have you ever experienced a situation like this? Were you scared, imagining possible situations and turn-outs and then nothing happened? Did you even feel ridiculous after (I did kind of, but I was also relieved)? Or did you experience something like this, and something actually happened? 

This story happened one sunny afternoon when I sat down, watched sea and sunset and searched for some inspiration to write. Sometimes you’re not looking for something in particular, but then find something mysterious. Remember to keep your eyes open!

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